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March 14, 2023

bride and Groom drinking champagne at Blanche Point on their wedding day.

There’s always something completely magical about a wedding held on private property. Whether it’s a backyard, a farm, a beach house or an old aircraft hangar (I’ve actually had one of these and it was incredible!) there is always something profoundly intimate about holding a sacred ceremony on sacred ground. Such was the case for […]

December 8, 2022

Sunset photos of wedding couple at Middle Beach

Tell me about your The Beginning! We met at the Ramsgate Hotel in July 2015. Met on a ‘Thank F it is Friday’ night. We had memorable chats and dancing with groups of mutual friends When and where did you get engaged? Middleton beach: 01.08.22Our two dogs were wearing ‘Will you marry my dad?’ Bandanas.A […]

October 5, 2022

Tell me about your The Beginning! We are high school sweethearts – been together for 19 years- long distance for most of it What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day? Modern Hamptons – sage, copper, white When and where did you get engaged? In Noosa at Noosa national park at Laguna lookout What […]

December 11, 2017

  I’ve been sitting on this blog post for way too long. During wedding season life is pretty hectic and I find it tough to squeeze blogging into the mix, but once the offseason gets underway sometime in May I find myself with more time up my sleeve. Then once the NBA playoffs finish up in […]

September 21, 2017

Sometimes a wedding sounds too good to be true. When Connie and Luke told me of their plans to get married in Innes National Park, on the south-west tip of the Yorke Peninsula, I could barely contain my excitement. I absolutely love every country wedding, the chance to see new places, spend a night or […]

June 11, 2017

Mount Gambier Wedding

When Emma got in touch about her wedding I got pretty excited for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I get excited about basically every wedding enquiry I get (even after 8 years of doing this, pathetic, I know). Secondly, this one was a Mt Gambier wedding which meant a trip to the country, a nice long drive […]

August 18, 2016

  With nearly 200 weddings under my belt it’s not often I come across something I’ve not seen before, but Louise and Ash executed a reception idea that was totally new and super awesome. Fairy lights overhead are pretty commonplace, and rightly so, they look freakin’ awesome and really make the photos sing, but the […]

July 21, 2016

  I went through a phase earlier this year when a bunch of consecutive weddings had big bridal parties. It was like a video game that got progressively more complicated, each week the boss would be harder and harder to defeat until I reached the final level and was met with Rhiannon and Michael’s 14 […]

February 3, 2015

The words “highest rainfall forecast for 30 years” are not ones you want to hear the day before your wedding day, especially when your wedding is being held outdoors and you’ve spent countless hours styling everything just right.

January 20, 2015

Any business book will tell you that to stand out from the crowd you need to be doing something different. Zig when everyone else zags. To that end, when the rest of the world was busy putting together their summary of 2014 at the appropriate time (ie the last few days of the year) I […]

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