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December 11, 2017

  I’ve been sitting on this blog post for way too long. During wedding season life is pretty hectic and I find it tough to squeeze blogging into the mix, but once the offseason gets underway sometime in May I find myself with more time up my sleeve. Then once the NBA playoffs finish up in […]

September 30, 2016

*** MORE PHOTOS BELOW *** When the weather forecast calls for up to 20mm of rain on your wedding day you’re well within your rights to have a few freakouts in the days leadings up to it. The good news for Erin and Sam was that despite the ominous warnings of the BOM the rain […]

August 18, 2016

  With nearly 200 weddings under my belt it’s not often I come across something I’ve not seen before, but Louise and Ash executed a reception idea that was totally new and super awesome. Fairy lights overhead are pretty commonplace, and rightly so, they look freakin’ awesome and really make the photos sing, but the […]

June 9, 2016

Al Ru Farm Wedding

I first encountered Jessica and Mitchell at the wedding of Jessica’s cousin Stuart many years ago. One of my enduring memories of that wedding was two guys executing the most perfect Gangnam Style dance I’d ever seen (I told you it was many years ago – truth be told I miss wedding dance floor Gangnam, […]

June 29, 2015

grand cru estate wedding, barossa valley wedding

For some reason I’m fiercely patriotic when it comes to South Australia. I suspect it’s borne out of living overseas for so long and copping shit from other Aussie ex-pats when they found out I was from Adelaide (look who’s laughing now Eastern States!).

June 1, 2015

chateau tanunda wedding, barossa valley

One of my favourite things about living in the UK for 6 years was the fact they didn’t make much wine there (besides a few novelty vineyards). This meant that all their wine was imported so you could head down to your local supermarket and select from a huge variety of wines from all over […]

December 23, 2014

There’s no denying it, Lucas has a Jude Law vibe about him. And Lisa? Well, let’s go with Penelope Cruz. Even though they look like a couple straight out of Hollywood they have the down to earth friendliness of country folk, which is perfect because they’ve chosen to make the Clare Valley their home. And […]

March 7, 2012

Wow, it’s been way too long between drinks. And by drinks I mean blog posts. One might assume that this is because I’ve not had anything to blog, au contraire, the last few months have included some of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever shot filled with smiles, laughter, happiness and good times. I’ll be […]

April 12, 2010

chateau tanunda wedding

On Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting the stunning wedding of Leah and Andrew at the incredible Chateau Tanunda in the Barossa Valley. I went to school with Leah but she’s been living in Scotland for many years now, which is where she met Andrew and gave birth to their beautiful daughter Marlee; in […]

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