June 1, 2015

Chateau Tanunda Wedding – Eve and Ben

One of my favourite things about living in the UK for 6 years was the fact they didn’t make much wine there (besides a few novelty vineyards). This meant that all their wine was imported so you could head down to your local supermarket and select from a huge variety of wines from all over the planet. Occasionally I would choose a drop from South Australia just reconnect with home, and one time I picked up a bottle from Chateau Reynella. Now I’ve driven through Reynella a whole bunch of times and it’s fair to say it doesn’t evoke images of the lavish chateaus of Bordeaux. Think fast food and used car dealerships rather than elegant French castles.

I’m not even sure if a so-called chateau even exists there or if the whole thing is a marketing spin, either way, I don’t think it would be a very romantic place.

On the other hand if you head north of the city up to the Barossa Valley you can actually find somewhere laying claim to being a chateau that actually is one!! Australia’s largest and oldest chateau no less, built way back in the 1890s, and this is where Eve and Ben decided to get married. It was a very untraditional wedding, there was no wedding party and they didn’t follow a lot of the customs, it was basically a great big party with family and friends where they made some promises and signed some papers – what every wedding is when you boil it down.

The photos tell the story of the day better than my words ever could so I won’t go on much longer, I will say that Allan the Cartoon Guy was a super fun addition to the day and even found time to draw a caricature of your truly!

Eve and Ben-005 Eve and Ben-019 Eve and Ben-044 Eve and Ben-040 Eve and Ben-073 Barosa Bride Eve and Ben-082 Eve and Ben-092 Eve and Ben-104 Eve and Ben-112 Barossa bride, wedding, flowers Eve and Ben-128 Eve and Ben-003 Eve and Ben-135 chateau tanunda wedding Eve and Ben-140 chateau tanunda bride barossa valley wedding at chateau tanunda chateau tanunda wedding Eve and Ben-152 chateau tanunda wedding Eve and Ben-207 Eve and Ben-221 adelaide wedding details, chateau tanunda, barossa valley Eve and Ben-250 chateau tanunda fun wedding, bride, groom, barossa valley Eve and Ben-271 barossa valley wedding at chateau tanunda Eve and Ben-276 barossa bride barossa wedding Eve and Ben-286 Eve and Ben-288 Eve and Ben-294 Eve and Ben-315 Eve and Ben-350

Who's this handsome devil?

Who’s this handsome devil?

Eve and Ben-357 Barossa valley sunset Eve and Ben-358 Eve and Ben-385 first dance, chateau tanunda Eve and Ben-400 Eve and Ben-426


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