May 13, 2015

Golding Winery Wedding – Shae and Carly

Earlier this year I had the honour of documenting Carly and Shae’s wedding. Shae was a bridesmaid in another wedding I had photographed and Carly did some videography work in yet another wedding so I kind of knew them a little bit before their big day, but it wasn’t until their wedding that I really got to see what they were all about. Things like Shae’s exquisite taste and attention to detail (her dress was gorgeous and the reception set up was incredible) and Carly’s hilarious dry sense of humour were things I didn’t pick up first time round. 

For most weddings I start the day with the guys getting ready before heading over to the girls, in this case Carly and Shae got ready together along with their entire wedding party, it made for a different dynamic but it was really cool and just felt totally natural and laid back. Once everyone was ready we headed out to take a few pre-wedding photos around the urban landscape of Bowden and Brompton, there are loads of awesome run down buildings and some sweet street art to use as backdrops. We then left “urban edgy” behind and headed up the hill to Golding Wines for the complete opposite – “countryside elegance”.

I’ve shot a lot of weddings at Golding but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen it look this magical thanks to Keira from Rapture Events and the floral design from Blooming Bridal. The ceremony was great, the reception was so much fun and the whole day just exuded love. As I left that night I thought to myself that anyone who opposes same sex marriage should go to more weddings like this one; they would see that at the core of it all it’s very simple, just two people who love each other making promises in front of their closest friends and family that they’ll stick together through thick and thin.  Just like every single wedding I’ve ever been to.

Shae and Carly-001 Shae and Carly-002-Edit Shae and Carly-006 Shae and Carly-029 Shae and Carly-037 Shae and Carly-027 Shae and Carly-044 Shae and Carly-060 Shae and Carly-062 Shae and Carly-066 Shae and Carly-078 Shae and Carly-082 Shae and Carly-099 Shae and Carly-125 Shae and Carly-137 Shae and Carly-133 angel wings wedding photo, adelaide, brompton angel wings Shae and Carly-150 Shae and Carly-152 Shae and Carly-154 Shae and Carly-157Shae and Carly-168 Shae and Carly-176 Shae and Carly-197 Golding wedding decorations, adelaide hills, stunning rustin wedding Shae and Carly-198 Shae and Carly-204 Shae and Carly-208 Shae and Carly-211 Shae and Carly-213-Edit Shae and Carly-214 Shae and Carly-229 Shae and Carly-242 Shae and Carly-240 Marriage equality adelaide, same sex wedding Shae and Carly-252 Shae and Carly-278 Shae and Carly-284 Shae and Carly-309 Shae and Carly-327 Shae and Carly-345 Shae and Carly-346 Shae and Carly-350 Shae and Carly-369 Shae and Carly-390 Shae and Carly-399 Shae and Carly-404 Golding winery wedding Golding lake wedding, same sex wedding, adelaide lesbian wedding Shae and Carly-416 Shae and Carly-420 Shae and Carly-432 Shae and Carly-428 Shae and Carly-435 Shae and Carly-442 Shae and Carly-470 Shae and Carly-456 Shae and Carly-485 Shae and Carly-501 Shae and Carly-499 Shae and Carly-505 Shae and Carly-534 Shae and Carly-533 Golding winery wedding, adelaide hills wedding Shae and Carly-512 Shae and Carly-560 Shae and Carly-568 Golding winery wedding decorations Shae and Carly-583


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