June 15, 2015

St Peters and Mt Lofty House Wedding – Liv & Frank

It’s true. I don’t always remember what a couple looks like between the time of our first meeting and our second meeting which is often 12 months later, particularly when our first meeting is done over Skype. Such was the case with Olivia and Francis.

For many months those names were staring down at me from my whiteboard (well, I’d actually written Liv and Frank) and as their wedding came near I tried to remember / imagine what they looked like. I came to the conclusion that they were both cool sounding names and as such I was expecting a cool looking couple – I also imaged Frank would almost certainly have a beard. Imagine my surprise when they knocked on the door to my home studio and looked exactly as I expected!!

The wedding itself was beautiful, I felt very welcomed and just one of the gang on the day, there were loads of natural happy smiles from the wedding party and guests all day long and the venues of St Peters College and Mt Lofty House meant I had easy access to some great photographic backdrops. To cap things off I also took my best ever “Nan on the dance-floor” shot, one of my favourite things to shoot on a wedding day.


Olivia and Francis-004 Olivia and Francis-005 Olivia and Francis-007 Olivia and Francis-016 Olivia and Francis-018 Olivia and Francis-035 Olivia and Francis-047 Olivia and Francis-051 Adelaide wedding photographer, groomsmen, fun Olivia and Francis-080 adelaide groomsmen, wedding photography Olivia and Francis-097 Olivia and Francis-101 Olivia and Francis-111 Olivia and Francis-115 Olivia and Francis-120 Olivia and Francis-131 Olivia and Francis-148 Olivia and Francis-152 Olivia and Francis-165 Olivia and Francis-167 adelaide bride Olivia and Francis-180 Olivia and Francis-205 Olivia and Francis-213 Olivia and Francis-222 Olivia and Francis-224 St Peters wedding Saints wedding, adelaide bride and groom st peters wedding Olivia and Francis-269 Olivia and Francis-221 Olivia and Francis-285 Olivia and Francis-300 Olivia and Francis-310 Olivia and Francis-324 Olivia and Francis-335 Olivia and Francis-356 St peters wedding Olivia and Francis-375 adelaide wedding party Olivia and Francis-404 st peters college adelaide wedding Olivia and Francis-410 Olivia and Francis-420 Olivia and Francis-430 Olivia and Francis-440 St peters college wedding adelaide Olivia and Francis-461 Olivia and Francis-467 Mt lofty house wedding party Olivia and Francis-493 mt lofty house wedding, adelaide hills bride adelaide hills wedding, mt lofty house Olivia and Francis-509 Olivia and Francis-511 Olivia and Francis-512 Olivia and Francis-523 Olivia and Francis-538 wedding speech adelaide Olivia and Francis-591 Olivia and Francis-608 Olivia and Francis-617 Mt Lofty House wedding Olivia and Francis-627 Olivia and Francis-635

First dance, mount lofty house

First dance, mount lofty house

Olivia and Francis-647 Olivia and Francis-663 Olivia and Francis-667 Mt lofty house wedding reception fun wedding adelaide


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