December 26, 2019

104 Best Photos of 2019

I used to always put together an end of year slideshow, it was a great way of distilling 12 months of hard work into a few minutes of easily sharable content (doesn’t sounds so romantic when you put it like that).

The last couple of years I never got around to it, but to round out the decade I’ve brought it back this year on my newly invigorated blog (you best believe I’ve done two new posts in recent weeks and there are plenty more in the pipeline!)

The tricky thing with slideshows is getting the timing right, not so much the changing of the photos to match the beat – computers can take care of that – but figuring out the exact right amount of time to show each image that keeps the viewer engaged without rushing through it all too quickly. I’m pretty sure I’ve erred on the side of “rushing through it too quickly” on this one so I decided that in addition to the slideshow I would include all the photos individually in this post in case you would like to make your way through them at your own pace. The order is out of whack because it’s past my bedtime and getting it to match would have involved some wheel reinventing that I have no interest in doing.

I hope you like it.


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