January 27, 2020

BJ and CJ’s Gorgeous Howard Vineyard Wedding

If you’re a dog lover and you want your fur babies on board at your wedding you need to make sure your venue is on board. BJ and CJ really love their dogs and fortunately, Howard Vineyard in the Adelaide Hills is one such venue.

They love their dogs so much that CJ surprised BJ on the morning of their wedding with the news that he had secretly arranged for the team from I Do Paws to be on hand at their wedding, so they could walk them down the aisle!

Another thing they love is good wine, so Howard Vineyard, in the Adelaide Hills wine region, was a pretty logical choice for a venue. The weather came good, the vines were perfect, the food and wine were exceptional and the dancefloor was ablaze with a combination of conventional party music and Serbian electro-pop.

As you might imagine it was one hell of a night with more than a few headaches the next day.

Venue: Howard Vineyard

Celebrant: Camille Abbot

Florist: Dream Blooms

Cake: Lyons Den Cakes

DJ: Entertainment Adelaide

Dogs: I Do Paws


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