November 16, 2023

Magical Mount Lofty House Wedding In Spring // Caitlin and Brett

When Caitlin and Brett told me about their plans for an intimate Mount Lofty House wedding with no bridal party I thought it sounded perfect. Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and this small(ish) one was something special, plenty of guests, family and friends to celebrate, but an absence of bridesmaids and groomsmen meant we could streamline things and maximise time with guests.

Christian Louboutin shoes at Mount Lofty House
Just married at Mt Lofty House
Bride and groom portrait after their Mount Lofty House wedding
Couple in the vines at Mt Lofty House for the spring wedding.
First dance photo for a Mt Lofty House wedding.
Night shot of Mt Lofty House bride and groom.

Q & A

Tell me about your The Beginning!

We met online, through the dating app Bumble. Our first date was a dinner date at Gin Long Cantina in North Adelaide.

Our story, like any successful millennial couple, began on the dating app ‘Bumble’. We both found ourselves in Adelaide – Brett, having grown up in the Western Downs of Queensland, moved to Adelaide in 2013, after his Airforce posting with the P-3 Orion. Caitlin was in Adelaide on an extended holiday visiting her Mum, having returned from the United Kingdom where she was working and studying her Masters of Science in Palaeobiology, with a view of going back home to Western Sydney, New South Wales.

We each swiped right in December 2019 and Caitlin began messaging Brett. Neither of us can remember her opening line, but it must have been a winner, because they quickly began planning their first date. However, a few days prior to their planned meeting, Caitlin cancelled, sighting a ‘death in the family’. Yeah right…a likely story, Brett thought, and resigned himself to never hearing from her again. Fortunately for him, and rather unfortunately for Grandma, the death was in-fact real, and not an excuse to bail on their date! So, on her return to Adelaide, Caitlin got back in contact with Brett and the date was rescheduled.

On Wednesday the 28th of January, 2020, they met at Gin Long Canteen, a modern Asian restaurant in North Adelaide. Both can agree, it was the best date either of them had ever had. They spoke non-stop on their shared love of music, travel, their careers and childhoods, and their vision of the future. It was a beautiful evening, and set the tone for the many dates to follow.

Moving In Together

Of course, we can’t talk about 2020 without mentioning the dreaded Pandemic, and while we will be light on the topic (because I know we are all sick and tired of hearing about it), it did play a huge role in our early relationship.

Only a few months after meeting, Brett and Caitlin found themselves in lock-down together – and if that isn’t a test of whether or not a new relationship will last, I don’t know wat is! In all honestly, the pandemic somehow became one of the most beautiful parts of our lives. We learned so much about one another, spent endless days talking and laughing, and started building our shared lives. By mid-year, Brett knew he wanted to make it official, and since it didn’t seem like Caitlin was ever going to leave, even though lockdown was well and truly over, he cut her a set of keys, wrote her a beautiful card, and asked her to move in with him.

Adopting Jeremy

On the 10th November 2020 Jeremy Irons Fogarty was born, the sweetest Bengal kitten. On the 1st of February, 2021, we welcomed our beautiful boy home, and our family became three.

Ever since, neither of us can picture our lives without him. Caitlin’s dream sookie ‘boof-head boy’, and Brett’s arch nemesis and best little mate. The laughter this energetic lunatic brings to our days is irreplacable. Our daily shower companion, lover of fishy, player of endless games of fetch, and the most energetic and loud welcome home.

The Proposal

Brett planned a picnic at the Mount Lofty botanic gardens under the guise of their 3rd anniversary. With a predicted 40 degree day, he nervously analysed the weather daily for the week leading up to the big day. Fortunately, the day turned out to be cool – albeit slightly rainy.

At the garden, and not wanting to give the game away, the ring was stashed in the picnic supplies locked safely in the boot of the car, and Brett and Caitlin set off to explore and find the perfect spot to set up.

The pair had a wonderful time exploring, however it wasn’t long before Brett became impatient and anxious to get back to the car to get the ring. Oblivious to what was to come, Caitlin insisted on stopping to examine what felt like every plant and animal they encountered.

At the picnic site and with the ring secured, as they were setting up their picnic, Brett gave Caitlin a big hug and told her he loved her. As Caitlin turned away to continue setting up, Brett pulled out the ring and got down on one knee. With a look of shock and pure joy, Caitlin quickly said yes (fortunately for Brett, as he couldn’t get the words out to ask).

They went on to have the most memorable evening and night of their lives.

When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged on our 3rd anniversary, in Mount Lofty Botanic Gardens on the 28 January 2023.

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We have gone for a simple and elegant theme.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

I keep dreaming of seeing Brett at the end of the aisle waiting me me. Brett is also looking forward to first seeing me. We are also both very excited to see all of our friends and family together, and celebrating love with them.

Top Tips!

We both refused to be stressed throughout this whole journey. We have communicated well and our vision for the day has always aligned, so we just booked everything in and began the exciting countdown. The day will be perfect no matter what, so we haven’t been sweating over the small details. It is about us and our love.

Mount Lofty House Wedding Slideshow

Mount Lofty House Wedding Vendors

No wedding can come together without a team of incredible wedding suppliers, and Caitlin and Brett had some of the best in the business on board which meant everything was seamless and immaculate.

Photographer: Simon Bills Photography
Venue: Mount Lofty House
Celebrant: Celebrations By Penelope
Videographer: Torrens Creative
Dress Boutique: Shona Joy
Hair Stylist: Leisa Daniell Hair Stylist
Dj: Sofie Bozzetti
Live Music: Sofie Bozzetti
Cake Maker: Kates Baking Co

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