November 10, 2014

Ria and Henry – An Epic Waverley Estate Wedding

Henry is a pretty chilled out dude.

When I arrived to take some photos of the guys getting ready at Encounter Bay I discovered there was no groom – Henry was actually down at Middleton. On his surfboard. Out the back. Half an hour later he returned, invigorated, and we got into some photos and even managed to head off site for a few minutes to find some awesome beach backdrops.

By contrast when I arrived at Waverley Estate to capture the girls’ preparations I had the opposite problem, Ria was most definitely there but her twin sister Katy was also there as a bridesmaid and they looked similar. Really similar. I’ll be honest, for the first few minutes I didn’t know who was who, I was keeping my cards close to my chest and not calling anyone by name! Once the dress was on the mystery was solved and I was in the clear, free to name names with reckless abandon.

Ria and Henry rolled the dice a bit by having their reception outside sans marquee, you could even say they are a pair of risk taking mavericks who don’t play by society’s rules. However, the weather was kind and the fairy lights floating above the party transformed the estate into a magical fantasy for the evening. Some classic speeches were delivered and there was a lot of love going round, a very chilled ending to what had been an amazing day.

Ria and Henry-007 Ria and Henry-022
Ria and Henry-039 Ria and Henry-044 Ria and Henry-047 Ria and Henry-053 Ria and Henry-068 Ria and Henry-073 Ria and Henry-077 Ria and Henry-082 Ria and Henry-092 Ria and Henry-109 Ria and Henry-123 Ria and Henry-135 Ria and Henry-142 Ria and Henry-156 Ria and Henry-178 Ria and Henry-200 Ria and Henry-205 Ria and Henry-207 Ria and Henry-253 Ria and Henry-257 Ria and Henry-313 Ria and Henry-323Ria and Henry-341 Ria and Henry-353 Ria and Henry-361 Ria and Henry-367 Ria and Henry-386 Ria and Henry-397 Ria and Henry-398 Ria and Henry-403 Ria and Henry-404 Ria and Henry-415 Ria and Henry-426 Ria and Henry-438 Ria and Henry-447 Ria and Henry-494 Ria and Henry-515 Ria and Henry-530 Ria and Henry-552 Ria and Henry-559 Ria and Henry-563 Ria and Henry-577 Ria and Henry-585 Ria and Henry-591 Ria and Henry-606 Ria and Henry-611

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