They grow up so fast. One minute they're angelic little babies, uttering their first words and taking their first steps. Before you know it, it's all weekend sports and battles over homework (or is that just my boys?).

Before you know it, they're as tall as you are, and then they're fully grown and out into the world. Every once in a while it's important to document your family as they are, right now, because it's not going to stay this way for long.

A family shoot is the perfect way to capture a snapshot of your family unit and get some epic photos, large or small, to display around your home.

The session fee is $195, after the shoot you can select one of three Collections listed below.


The last Sunday of each month. Weekdays by appointment.

For the last thirteen years I've shot hundreds of weddings in South Australia, around the country, and across the globe and I bloody love it. What I've discovered is that it's not the weddings themselves that I find interesting to photograph, it's the people at them, the connections between them and the moments they share. 

Alongside my weddings I've also been shooting family sessions on the down low......

Hi, I'm Simon, father of two, husband of one.

About ME

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The collections

+ 30-60 minute shoot
+ Download 5 high res images
+ $50 print credit  

I'm on a budget | $495

+ 30-60 minute shoot
+ Download 10 high res images
+ $100 print credit  

I'd LOVE A FEW PICs AROUND THE house | $695

+ Prints 
+ Framed Prints 
+ Canvases 
+ Greeting / Christmas Cards 
+ Glass Box with Prints 
+ Fine Art Albums 


+ 30-60 minute shoot
+ Download all high res images
+ $200 print credit 
+ Download Preview Slideshow 

I CAN'T DECIDE, I'll take the lot | $795

Step 1 - Schedule a phone call below - we will agree on a date and location

Step 2 - Pay $195 session fee (I will send an email with details)

Step 3 - Enjoy your shoot!

Step 4 - One week later receive your Preview Slideshow

Step 5 - After you've seen the photos, select one of the following Collections

Step 6 - Download your photos and order prints with your store credit 

Shoots generally last between 30 and 60 minutes. Kids have short attention spans. I've found that the best photos are generally towards the start of the session when they're full of beans and bursting with energy. No one wants photos of the inevitable meltdown later on.

The $195 includes pre-shoot planning, the shoot itself, and the editing of the photos and preparation of the Preview Slideshow. The files, prints and products are available for purchase in one of the three Collections listed above.

Some light rain and brooding skies makes for magical photos.... heavy rain and muddy feet, not so much. If the weather is looking questionable I will be in touch the night before to advise what the plan is. A reschedule may be required, if we can't find a suitable date your session fee will be refunded in full.

If the shoot cannot go ahead on account of COVID we will reschedule it to a new date. If we are unable to find a date that works for everyone your session fee will be refunded in full.

That's really more of a comment than a question, but I'll go with it :)
I've got plenty of tricks up my sleeve to bring the best out of your kids - I've been shooting kids for many years, including two of my own. Your only job on the day is to have fun with your little ones, leave the rest to me.

Your gallery is connected to an online store that sells a range of beautiful prints, canvases, enlargements and more. Every collection comes with store credit to get you started. 


The best way to arrange a date, time and location for the shoot is with a quick phone call. If you're ready to book your session, or just want to ask a few questions before you make up your mind you can schedule a call below.

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