March 27, 2024

Beresford Estate Wedding // Nicky and Barry

Forty. Degrees. Celsius.

By the time Autumn rolls around you’d think that the summer scorchers are a thing of the past, but that’s not how it played out for Nicky and Barry. Luckily the airconditioning at Beresford Estate is top-notch, and after a warm afternoon in the sunshine, we were all able to cool off for the reception.

Lucky Barry is accustomed to scorching hot days, growing up in Scotland where the mercury nudges north of 20 degrees maybe five times a year! Both he and Nicky handled the heat like absolute champions, you’d never be able to tell from the photos.

Nicky and Barry, thank you so much for having me along for the ride, it was a magical day.

Wedding party at Beresford Estate.
bride and groom black and white wedding photo at Beresford Estate
Bride and groom in the vines at their Beresford Estate wedding.
First dance in the Gallery Room at a Beresford Estate wedding.

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Q & A

Tell me about your The Beginning!

We met online in August of 2017. I (Barry) had been single since 2010 and had prioritised raising my Daughters during my time off work (fifo). When we started communicating online Nicky thought I was a barman because my profile picture was taken in Dublin pouring a pint of Guinness. She had many potential suitors and I felt like i had to fight for some quality chat time. I knew straight away she was the one for me. Our first date ended up being gatecrashed by Sam who was staying at home sick. Nicky had new partner tests for me to pass. I had to smell good, look good, feel good, fit well and communicate well (be understood). Apparently there are also marriage material tests, but i have yet to find them out, but i think i passed!

When and where did you get engaged?

We got engaged at Mount Lofty House. It was a big surprise for Nicky. It was our 5 year anniversary meal and we were staying overnight. I had arranged for a tour of the venue before being sat at our table, we were escorted to the cellar to pick up a bottle of wine. I had a guitarist, flowers and champagne sitting out. Nicky thought the guitarist was part of the venue and it wasnt until she heard the skyeboat song (Outlander) being played and when i went down on one knee that she realised what was happening. I think my nervous shakes were enough of a giveaway!

What style/theme have you chosen for your Wedding Day?

We fell in love with the venue. To be able to have the ceremony at the wine tasting pavillion and reception up the hill at the estate overlooking the vines and fabulous views. We do not have a theme as such, but just happy to showcase some of the lovely wine and things South Australia has to offer.

What are you most looking forward to on the day?

Having fun, sharing with family and friends who we care about.

Top Tips!

Start the planning early and work out the details in advance.

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