September 12, 2022

Winehouse Langhorne Creek Wedding // Virginia and Peter

Virginia and Peter’s wedding at the Winehouse Langhorne creek was unlike any wedding I’ve been to before. For a start, the wedding party consisted entirely of their kids, a beautiful collection of souls who clearly loved one another deeply. Secondly, there was no aisle! This made things a little tricky for me, but as a straight-up professional this was NBD (no big deal). Thirdly, they got married in a sweet ass teepee with a stunning floral arbor in the background. Fourthly, all of their guests were asked to wear black, and everyone complied. Fifthly, they made it legal at 4:44pm on the button, due to the spiritual meaning of the number 444. Sixthly, they selected the mother flipping harvest moon as their wedding date (and we got some sweet moon photos for good measure).

There are a few more things that made this one very unique that I simply cannot write about on a public blog. Rest assured, this is not a wedding I will soon forget. Thank you all so much for having me along for the ride.

Here’s the dream team that made it all happen.

Photographer: Simon Bills Photography
Venue: The Winehouse Langhorne Creek
Celebrant: Pam Kuhn
Dress Boutique: Adelaide Hills Bridal
Videographer: Shoot The Moon
Florist: Botanic Poetry
Make Up Artist: Chloe Ewing


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