August 10, 2015

Wairoa Wedding – Breanna and Lachlan

When Lachie gave Breanna’s bridesmaid sister Fleur a high five as she finished walking down the aisle it told me almost everything I needed to know about these guys. When I saw Lachie’s face as he saw his soon to be wife for the first time that day that was everything. Such a natural, genuine, friendly, warm, happy-go-lucky smile from a man who was excited about starting this new adventure with his best friend.

Bre and Lachie had the best of both worlds on their wedding day, they had their ceremony up in the relative cool of the hills at Wairo in Aldgate and then once the sun dipped a little lower and the temperature dropped a few degrees we headed down to the beach for some photos on the sand and the reception at the Seacliff Surf Lifesaving Club overlooking the ocean.

A few highlights from my end:

  • The best wedding cake I’ve ever seen (check out the photo below),
  • Everyone’s willingness to do something interesting for a photo. With virtually no persuading the guys all posed together in their matching jocks (photo not included on the blog, sorry ladies)
  • The trees up at Wairoa were epic and made an amazing backdrop for photos
  • The fact Lachie is a big guy and Breanna is a petito feminino made it a perfect combination for some wife-carrying photos on the beach!

The photos tell the story much better than my words, so here we go…


Breanna and Lachlan-001 Breanna and Lachlan-002 Breanna and Lachlan-011 Breanna and Lachlan-015 Breanna and Lachlan-035 Breanna and Lachlan-043 Breanna and Lachlan-048 Breanna and Lachlan-053 Breanna and Lachlan-058 Breanna and Lachlan-077 Adelaide wedding photography, groom and groomsmen Breanna and Lachlan-087 Breanna and Lachlan-098 Breanna and Lachlan-113 Breanna and Lachlan-122 Breanna and Lachlan-123 Breanna and Lachlan-132 Breanna and Lachlan-149 Breanna and Lachlan-153 Breanna and Lachlan-178 Adelaide bride, wedding photographer adelaide wedding, high five Breanna and Lachlan-240 Breanna and Lachlan-247 Wairoa wedding, adelaide hills, aldgate Breanna and Lachlan-275 Breanna and Lachlan-307 Breanna and Lachlan-333 Breanna and Lachlan-349 wairoa wedding, adelaide wedding, bridal party Breanna and Lachlan-384Breanna and Lachlan-389 wairoa adelaide hills wedding Breanna and Lachlan-401 adelaide beach wedding Breanna and Lachlan-440 Breanna and Lachlan-442 Breanna and Lachlan-444 Breanna and Lachlan-467 Breanna and Lachlan-470 Breanna and Lachlan-493 Breanna and Lachlan-498 Breanna and Lachlan-501 Breanna and Lachlan-524 Breanna and Lachlan-552 Breanna and Lachlan-566 Breanna and Lachlan-569


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