January 30, 2015

Golding Wines Wedding – Bianca and Haydn

It was always going to be a risky proposition.

Having a heavily pregnant bridesmaid always carries certain risks. What if she goes into labour during the wedding? What if she’s so exhausted she has trouble staying awake during the reception? What if her feet swell and don’t fit into her bridesmaids shoes?

The bridesmaid in question was Jacquie, she was the groom’s sister and one of the bride’s best friends. I photographed her wedding back in 2010 which was where I first met Bianca and Haydn. They are all hills people, and therefore good people. Jacquie was supposed to have her baby a few weeks after the big day, but just 2 days before the wedding along came the baby! Most bridesmaids would take this as an opportunity to take things very lightly and limit their involvement on the day, but not Jacquie. She had the baby on the Thursday morning and went to the wedding rehearsal that very night. On the day of the wedding she was on board for everything, she did an amazing job of attracting no attention to herself and made sure the day was all about Bianca and Haydyn.

Now, the day itself was pretty spectaular. The guys got the ball rolling with a kick of the footy down at the park before suiting up. The girls got ready at Bianca’s parents’ place before Bianca was sent off on her way with a congratulatory handshake from the family dog. The ceremony was at the Monastery in Glen Osmond and the reception was at the always-amazing Golding Winery (with a quick stop off at Lobethal for a few photos).

At the reception there was much laughter, dancing and general good times, and when the time came to leave at midnight no-one wanted to go!






Bianca and Haydn-010 Bianca and Haydn-018 Bianca and Haydn-055 Bianca and Haydn-080 Bianca and Haydn-109 Bianca and Haydn-122 Bianca and Haydn-126 Bianca and Haydn-130 Bianca and Haydn-141 Bianca and Haydn-144 Bianca and Haydn-153 Bianca and Haydn-160 Bianca and Haydn-179 Bianca and Haydn-185 Bianca and Haydn-227 Bianca and Haydn-270 Bianca and Haydn-291 Bianca and Haydn-297 Bianca and Haydn-298 Bianca and Haydn-303 Bianca and Haydn-304 Bianca and Haydn-309 Bianca and Haydn-325 Bianca and Haydn-326 Bianca and Haydn-329 Bianca and Haydn-344 Bianca and Haydn-348 Bianca and Haydn-355 Bianca and Haydn-358 Bianca and Haydn-361 Bianca and Haydn-363 Bianca and Haydn-392 Bianca and Haydn-407 Bianca and Haydn-458 Bianca and Haydn-462 Bianca and Haydn-470 Bianca and Haydn-471 Bianca and Haydn-531 Bianca and Haydn-558 Bianca and Haydn-596 Bianca and Haydn-638





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